Famous and Not-so-famous

How do you decide if someone is famous? The quarterback of the high school football team or the fellow who advertises used cars ad nauseum may be well known, but are they famous? A famous writer is quoted, has a number of books (Harper Lee was an exception with only To Kill a Mockingbird until 2015 when her second book came out), and is in the news. Or has been in the news.

Some Tucson writers are famous. Some got famous long after they left Tucson — say Ray Bradbury or Susan Sontag who were children in Tucson. Joseph Wood Krutch and Harold Bell Wright were famous and retired here.

Some became famous when they were here and then left.  Barbara Kingsolver returned to her beloved Kentucky but she is certainly famous.

And some were famous and still live here and got more famous. J. A. Jance is one that has done that.

In the groups of not-so-famous writers we have a number of wonderful writing groups and excellent conferences and schools.  More on that next.





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