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How can you tell if you are a well known writer. One way is to check your statistics on Amazon. There are many ways.  Here is one with a bit of data about Tucson authors and how to see how well you may be selling.Image result for writers book sales Sales Ranks (US)

Matches for Author:“j a jance”
From books Sorted by sales (with the lowest number where you rank on the list of all of the books that Amazon covers)

Author               Sales Rank                   Items         Title item
JA Jance                      7,673                      394        Clawback
Ray Bradbury                283                    2451         Fahrenheit 451
Barbara Kingsolver    5,715                    237         The Poisonwood Bible
Susan Sontag            14,512                     537         Regarding the Pain of Others
Harold Bell Wright  352,101                  337          A Harold Bell Wright Trilogy
Elizabeth Gunn        643,627                   69         Eleven Little Piggies

I even found Chris Stern
“Chris Stern” via Fantastic Four by John Byrne Omnibus – Volume 1 (Marvel Omnibus)
John Byrne • Chris Claremont • Marv Wolfman • Bill Mantlo • Stan Lee • Roger Stern • Mike Zeck, Illustrator • Ron Wilson, Illustrator | Marvel | 2011-11-23
Chris + Stern           149,704                       92            Fantastic Four Marvel Omnibus Vol. 1



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