Here, There Be Poets

With that title I think I should be talking as a pirate with a lot of “Arrrrggs” and “Belay thats” thrown in, but in this case I would like to just point out that Tucson is a very Poetic town.


We have a Poetry Square in Tucson and some wonderful opportunities.

The UofA Poetry Center

The University of Arizona Poetry Center was founded in 1960 by Ruth Stephan as a place “to maintain and cherish the spirit of poetry.” The Poetry Center’s mission is to promote poetic literacy and sustain, enrich and advance a diverse literary culture. For decades after her initial gift, Ruth Stephan made additional donations of land, stocks, cash and books to the Center.

The new University of Arizona Poetry Center is at 1508 East Helen Street and is one of the three largest poetry centers in the country. It has a solid schedule of programs, ranging from workshops and classes and discussion groups to poetry programs for children, open to everyone. It has an archive of over seventy thousand items, including forty thousand volumes of poetry and twenty-five thousand issues of journals and periodicals.

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In 1960, Robert Frost arrived in Tucson by train to read at the dedication of the new Poetry Center on November 17. Ruth Stephan presided at the dedication with Arizona Congressman Stewart Udall and University President Richard Harvill. During this historic visit, Congressman Udall asked Frost to consider reading a poem at John F. Kennedy’s upcoming inauguration.

There is a children’s room, the rare book room and one special feature is the Audio-Video Collection =  ‘voca’ and features recordings from the Center’s long running Reading Series and other readings. All of the recordings are made available with the permission of the poets

The Tucson Poetry Festival

The festival is in the planning stage right now and the website is under construction. There have been 32 festivals and XXXIII is being designed.

The website is Tucson Poetry Festival. The Executive Director is Teré Fowler-Chapman.

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A Poet’s Moment

with Host Ron Cipriani teams with a local poet each week to present a brief reading and also sharing information on upcoming poetry events. Contact

A Poet’s Moment airs: at FM 91.3 on the following schedule:

Sundays 4:55 AM & 2:55 PM        Mondays 9:55 AM     Tuesdays 2:55 PM

Friday 4:55 AM   Saturday 7:55 AM

Tucson Poetry Society

Meets the first Saturday of the month often at the UofA Poetry Center, but since it closes down for a few weeks over the summer, the meeting location is a bit of a moving target.

More information is available on their Facebook page at Tucson Poetry Society on Facebook.




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