Valentine Books

Obviously Valentine books should include some information about the martyred saint.  All that is reliably known of the saint commemorated on February 14 is his name and that he was martyred and buried at a cemetery on the Via Flaminia  on that day. It is uncertain whether St. Valentine is to be identified as one saint or the conflation of two saints of the same name and with different martyrologies. There are a couple of books that you may want to explore:

  • Saint Valentine by Robert Sabuda
  • The Voice of the Martyrs with Cheryl Odden (only 34 pages)
  • Or find your own

That tradition and legends that characterize Saint Valentine were invented in the fourteenth century in England, notably by Chaucer and his circle, when the feast day of February 14 first became associated with romantic love.  It is also where the tradition of exchanging cards may have come from, so all of the Valentines and Christmas Cards come from that era before a regular post office.

Ah, the question Charlie Brown asks and I would suggest that most of us have asked. One of the traditions of Valentine’s Day is the exchange of valentine cards,

Romance Writers write about romance. Let me see if I can find Valentine in some titles:

Image result for Valentine books Image result for Valentine booksImage result for Valentine books Image result for Valentine books Image result for Valentine books

I did not expect that the books that would first come up would be children’s books, but there are over a hundred available readily at Amazon.

Cosmo magazine recommends 17 novels for Valentines — whether you have a hot date or not at  Cosmo2016Reads . And Pop Sugar also recommends 21 novels to buy your single sweetheart. You can find this at Pop Sugar 21 Books.  Finally, GoodReads offers 115 novels to share on Valentines — GoodReads 115 Novels.

The best romance novels is a bit outside my normal reading routine, but I will note that as a genre, Romance is selling about half of the books purchased in the United States. It sounds like a good opportunity to explore.

But if you are looking for a list, the website Booklist created a list of 101 Best Romance novels in the past ten years (2005-2015) at 101 Best Romance Novels.

I am expecting my wife and I will be discussing Valentines and romance and the things that go with romance tomorrow. I hope your Valentines is a good one.



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