Its All in a Name

Ever think about what is the most common name for writers? “John Smith” for English writers?

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Verdant Labs, has created a baby-name app Nametrix,  and has run surveys on the most common names for different professions, from lawyers to librarians. Mark Edmond, founder of Verdant Labs, had the list results:

“For example, the most disproportionately common writer names seem fitting.”

#1 – #10: Kate, Harriet, Simon, Graham, Colin, Edith, Emma, Frances, Julian, Abraham

#11 – #20: Louise, Eleanor, Charlotte, Annie, Ian, Helen, Lucy, Alice, Edgar, Dorothy

Here are the disproportionately common names for other literary gigs on the list:

Poet – Edgar, Hannah, Celia, Anne, Dorothy, Edmund

Librarian – Abigail, Margot, Nanette, Julia, Eleanor, Johanna

Journalist – Hanna, Gideon, Jonah, Alastair, Angus, Louisa

The chart of profession and names is available at Verdant labs: Professions and Common Names

(From a 1-15-15 article by Margaret Aldritch, in Bookriot, Common names for writers, librarians and poets )

And there is a list of famous authors which has 370 famous authors by genre, language and nationality, Famous Authors List, and I found five listings for Dave or David; five for George or Georges; five for James; a whopping 18 for John or Jonathan (but no John Smith); five for Mary; six for Michael or Michel; five Richard or Rick; five for Robert; seven for Stephen, Stephenie, or Steve; six for Thomas or Tom; and eight for Willa or William.


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