Science Fictioners

The most famous

is probably Ray Bradbury. Ray was a child when he lived in Tucson, going to Roskruge and Amphi Junior High when he lived here on some his family’s journeys back and forth to Illinois and prior to their moving to Los Angeles.

The Hugo Awards will be announced on April 26th, 2016

and you can see the nominations and the final winners at The Hugo Awards and we will see the results of over 4000 nominating ballots.

Other Tucson and Arizona Science Fiction Writers

from Marty
           Name                                Location                               Notes
  1. Ashely, Jennifer     Phoenix                            aka Ashley Gardner, Allyson James
  2. Bradbury, Ray lived in Tucson as a child, lived most of his life in Los Angeles
  3. Brown, Frederic     Tucson                              deceased
  4. Bull, Emma             Tucson                              deceased
  5. Cook, Paul                Tempe
  6. Cook, Rich                Phoenix
  7. Davenport, Emily   Phoenix                           aka Lee Hogan, Maggy Thomas
  8. Files, Meg                  Tucson
  9. Foster, Alan Dean  Prescott
  10. Gabaldon, Diana     Scottsdale
  11. Gurley, James           Green Valley
  12. Hanko, Simon         Tucson                              moved out of state
  13. Henderson, Zenna  Eloy                                   deceased
  14. Hogan, Ernest          Phoenix
  15. Hughart, Barry         Tucson
  16. Koch, Gini                   Phoenix
  17. Lichtenberg, Jacquiline Chandler
  18. Mayer, Stephanie      Cave Creek
  19. Mariotte, Jeff              Arizona?
  20. McCollum, Michael   Tempe
  21. McKiernan, Dennis    Tucson
  22. Navaro, Yvonne           Sierra Vista
  23. Neri, Kris                        Sedona
  24. Niswander, Adam       Phoenix                        deceased
  25. Ochse, Weston             Sierra Vista
  26. O’Kerry, Janeen ?
  27. Owen, James A. ?
  28. Price, Aprilynne           Phoenix
  29. Rawn, Melanie              Flagstaff
  30. Roberson, Jennifer      Phoenix
  31. Shetterley, Will            Tucson                       moved out of state
  32. Spuner, Janni Lee         Tucson
  33. Syackpole, Michael      Scottsdale
  34. Sykes, Sam                      Scottsdale
  35. Tarr, Judith                      Vail
  36. Vornholt, John               Tucson
  37. Welch, Michelle M        Phoenix
  38. Wells, Catherine            Tucson